Attendees: 31st Oct /1st Nov

If all the Mass Requests were in on time Fr. Robert aims to publish the seating plans for the weekend's Masses  every Friday by 7pm. All the Mass Requests have been successfully processed. Click on the 'SHOW ME THE LIST AND SEATING PLAN' button to see where you are sat for the Mass you have chosen.  The seating plan may be subject to change; a steward will show you to your pew when you arrive.

6 Important Dos &Don'ts

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Social Distancing

You must protect both yourself and others by observing social distancing.  Read the Questions Asked So Far section below.

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Holy Communion

The Stewards will guide you when and how to go up for Holy Communion.

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Sanitise your hands

As you enter and leave the main body of the church a steward will assist you to sanitise your hands.

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Do NOT leave your pew

You must remain seated in your allotted place throughout your attendance unless directed otherwise by a steward. 

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Do Not Sing

At the current time you are not permitted to sing.  Organ music will be played but no hymns must be sung.

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Do not Leave the Church

You must not leave the Church before end of Mass. The stewards will direct the order in which you will leave the church.

Questions asked so far

Select a topic below if you would like more information on it.  We suggest you read these in advance of attending the mass.

Yes, All those present in Church are required to wear a face covering unless exempt e.g. children under 11, illness, disability or other reasons that allow exclusion. Priests in the sanctuary - providing they are 2m or more from the congregation - only need to wear a face covering except when distributing Holy Communion.

If circumstances arise whereby you were on the Attendee list for Mass but something has happened which means you cannot attend, please call Fr. Robert on 01673 842323 so he can offer your place to someone else.

We are trying to make the church as safe as possible for you to  attend Holy Mass.  Please give the stewards - who are there to help you - your full cooperation. A steward will assist you when you arrive at the church.  Remember to keep social distancing of 2 metres.  As you enter the church on the right-hand side of the main doors you will be guided to the check-in desk.   Give your name to the steward and he or she will tick your name on the list to indicate you have arrived.  If your name is not on the list you must leave the church immediately under the guidance of the steward.  If your name is on the list, proceed into the main body of the church - a second steward will be at a sanitisation station. You will then be taken to your allotted place for Mass.   Please note: You must not move from your allotted space or you will be asked to leave.  

No. But in a real emergency approach one of the stewards who will escort you to a nearby toilet. The steward will wait outside the toilet and escort you back to your pew. The toilet will then be sanitised.

Attract a steward's attention and make him or her aware of your situation.

Attract a steward's attention and make him or her aware of your situation.