Given the government restrictionsregarding the COVID-19 pandemic, and the diocese guidelines, checks, and approvals Fr. Robert has requested volunteers to become stewards to assist him in practical safety measures during the celebration of Holy Mass.

The current stewards and assistants are: Iain Davidson, Maria Davidson, Stephen Dixon, Ken Downey, Mike Eckersley, Emma Eckersley, Colette Ford,  Mary Howes, Neil Hollingsworth, Jo Johnston, Mary Quint, Jan Mounce,  and Keith Winnard.  All stewards must complete a registration form - available from Fr. Robert.

As a steward you can help ensure the health and safety of all parishioners when they return to attend Holy Mass. Inside the church has been modified to try and make it COVID 19 secure by carrying out a robust risk assessment and applying the measures required. The modifications have introduced safeguards for social distancing and good hygiene to reduce the spread of the COVID 19 virus. 

At any Mass there must be a minimum of four stewards present. The stewards must observe hygiene safeguards by utilising the hand gel before and in between contact with parishioners.  

Welcome the parishioners into Holy Rood church. There may be two stewards prforming this role if many people arrive at once. Check in each parishioner by consulting the Fr. Robert's printed list of approved requests. Confirm the contact details are correct.  Key points are:

  • Is a face mask or cover being worn  (compulsory unless authentic reason not to wear one).
  • If there is a queue outside then ensure social distancing is observed.
  • Check in each parishioner by consulting the Fr. Robert's printed list of approved requests. Confirm the contact details are correct.
  • Indicate where to go next for hand sanitisation.
  • On leaving ensure social distancing observed.
  • Encourage congregation members to move away from the church as quickly as possible.

Sanitise parishioners  hands on entering the main body of the church and on leaving the church. Once everyone is in move the sanitisation unit into the narthex by the doorway adjoining the main body of the church.

To act as ushers within the main body of the church showing people to their pew seating. Available pews will be filled from the front of the church first utilising the side pews. A maximum of two  parishioners socially distanced  in each pew – unless they are members of the same household, in which case more than two can sit in the same pew.

To give the congregation just brief before Mass starts - although an assistat can do the announcements if the steward is busy - include topics:

  • Stay seated throughout the Mass
  • What will happen at Holy Communion
  • What will happen at the end
  • Attract a steward's attention if you feel unwell.
  • \\\any questions? 

To assist in helping parishioners safely go up to receive the Sacrament of Holy Communion whilst maintaining social distancing. Special attention must be paid to parishioners returning to their allocated place in the pews. Please note that this is particularly important and more problematic with the side pews and therefore we should direct family groups (same household) to the side pews to reduce risk.

Organise the order in which parishioners leave the church safely via the Narthex.

Each steward will wear a yellow bib  (supplied) to identify their role as a steward.

Cleaning the church: The church must be closed and cleaned thoroughly after the Sunday 9.20am service. Particular attention should be paid to surfaces that individuals have touched (including the stewards). Aprons and disposable gloves (supplied). Single-use cleaning cloths to be used with disinfectant. The church ventilated where possible – outside door opened.

Stewards should not physically assist people unless necessary, for example an emergency for First Aid.  In this case there are some basic considerations: 

  • Be aware of the risk to yourselves and others in helping someone. If you feel at risk ask the other stewards for assistance.
  • Make sure you wash your hands using alcohol gel before helping someone.
  • Ensure that you do not cough or sneeze over someone when you are helping them.
  • Wear disposable gloves (provided) when dealing with people and dispose of the gloves securely
  • Dispose of all waste from the First Aid safely in tied bags and bins.
  • Do not touch a wound with your bare hands. Do not touch any part of the dressing that will come in contact with the wound.

Return your yellow bib at the end into the designated laundry bag.

On the attendance sheet and stewards schedule the role of Assistant is mentioned. This a free floating role to help out any steward with any issues or if someone needs attention and has to leave the church.

Please note there is now an Incident Log for any issues arising.  Please famiarise your self with this.  A copy will be circulated to the stewards each week for review and to keep everyone aware of the latest issues and resolutions.

Volunteer to become a Steward

You can volunteer to become a steward. However, in the current climate, those over the age of 70 are encouraged to attend Mass in a safe environment provided by Fr. Robert and the stewards.

If you would like to volunteer for a steward, simple fill in your name and details on how you can be contacted in the boxes provided and then click on the button. It may be you only want to do a particular role such as checking in parishioners. That is okay.  

Volunteer as a steward